Just to clarify the face on this driver is not closed, in fact it is open. Carry distance, particularly from the rough, is a definite asset. I was worried when I read high launch. It looks as though someone took sandpaper and simply sanded a bunch off the back. The primary goal is to deliver the forgiveness and power of a wide-sole iron plus the versatility of a thin-sole iron. I would highly recommend this driver for anyone from the beginner to the skilled amateur golf to give this club a try. Cons – poor side hill lie playability; almost no feedback from off center hits which is typical of many perimeter weighted clubs.

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Head-heavy feel gives a strong sense of clubhead location throughout the swing. Went from 9 degree great big bertha to razr black and everything fell into place.

Callaway RAZR X, RAZR X Tour, RAZR X Forged Irons, Reviews, Test Results

The weight shaved callaway razr x review the face, as well as other none-critical areas, has been placed in a new waffle-patterned, gram weight found in the back of the club.

Sign Up for Revied Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. The shaft colors and design make it a good fit. The sound, which can sometimes ruin a good club is great, it is muted and not very loud.

Callaway calls this a black PVD finish which they describe as head turning cool. I went on Trackman to test out the performance and I have included the numbers below. Ask an Equipment Expert: Many testers believe the club’s greatest strengths are its ability to get the ball out of rough and to hit straight shots from the fairway. The clubs look good, sound good and have added yards to my shots, dropped my handicap from 15 to 13 since switching. It definitely is a nice swinging club. Cons razt poor side hill lie playability; almost no feedback from off center hits which is typical of many callaway razr x review weighted clubs.


It is very forgiving on mishits, the ball still goes quite a ways.

Callaway RAZR X Black Driver Review (Clubs, Review) – The Sand Trap

During the Trackman session I did hit some massive left callaway razr x review which I thought were due to the closed face but now finding out the face is open a bit, I guess it was just a lousy swing. I hit longer and straighter than usual.

I think for this price Callaway has created a good driver for the average golfer and even the better player who wants to save a little money. The primary goal rasr to deliver the forgiveness and callaway razr x review of a callaaway iron plus the versatility of a thin-sole iron.

Your email address You must enter a valid email address. I have callaway razr x review and I love it. Ball flight is high like Ping. At my local golf store this club is on the shelf, but there are not very many on display because it is selling quite well.

My Diablo Edge developed a crack on the sole near the heel. For me I always find the hitting into a net and using launch monitor callaway razr x review be unsatisfactory…never quite replicates my swing out on the tee box!

Rate this product Select rating 1 star rubbish 2 stars poor cqllaway stars average 4 stars very good 5 stars outstanding You must select a rating. Specs The driver I demoed was a 9.


Callaway RAZR X, RAZR X Tour and RAZR X Forged Irons

I am not certain, but they may have set the internal weighting of the club for a draw bias which to the average golfer might be a big advantage. The face of the club is slightly set dallaway creating an edge on the top of the face. Took it out to the range to see how it performs. The best part of this driver in my opinion is callaway razr x review value for the dollar that this driver provides.

The latest driver from Callaway packs a big punch at an extremely affordable price point. Pros – Club looks great with good feel and sound; fairly easy to hit the ball high and far; excellent weight transition from callaway razr x review club to the next; off center hits are very forgiving; formidable weapons from the rough. Test Model Details The driver I tested was a 9.

Meaty head gives you confidence that the razf callaway razr x review pop out from any lie; with its two white grooves, the face is easy to aim.

Easy to hit high and straight; large, heavy head bulldozes its way through rough; rounded sole resists digging. For me, closed face does strange things which includes faulty alignment.