To use all features of our website, it’s recommended to enable javascript in your browser! This is a really nice feature, that while low-tech and simple works very well indeed. ProScan The ProScan , the current reflecta slide and film scanner was so far only supported on Microsoft Windows. Small picture film scanner Optical resolution: However, SilverFast Ai Studio does not just feature numerous sliders and buttons for image optimization, but it also has better and more sophisticated image processing algorithms. Reflecta ProScan in Film Scanners. Cyberview is a capable piece of software, but you would probably prefer using your personal favourite.

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Some selected movies about special SilverFast features can be accessed directly below.

SilverFast 8 supports Photoshop Elements 8 to Subscribe to Product News. After the launch of Reflecta MFit took half a year until a specially adjusted SilverFast version was available on the market. This was confirmed by re-scanning the trial film. It’s recommended to use the ProScan with SilverFast 8.

Login Join for Free. The dust removal is very effective reflecta proscan 7200 impressive, though it seemed to have issues with removing minor scratches. At the top end of Reflecta’s range of film scanners sits the ProScan prosccan, a traditionally designed redlecta built to produce good quality scans.

A printed manual is welcome, although some explanations of the reflecta proscan 7200 up and reflecta proscan 7200 procedures could certainly be clearer. Calibrate your monitor so you can see 16 different shades: Against Lack of batch-scanning facilities Prosccan are a few small build-quality concerns.


Reflecta ProScan – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

The benefits of ROC are far less evident, and would require some experiment to establish when its use would be appropriate – It illustrates the ROC which has reflecta proscan 7200 the colour balance, but at such close up resolution is poor. The resolution reflecta proscan 7200 can be disconcerting, as defects such as refldcta and corner focus fall off were evident that other scanners with similar dpi did not reveal. Price Calculator How much are different SilverFast versions for your scanner?

Features Handling Performance Verdict Specification.

Hands-On With The Nokia 7. The slide holder is particularly easy to load, as the slides go into a slot from below. SlowSong and 2 others commented on this.

Reflecta ProScan – film scanner (35 mm) – USB Overview – CNET

Plustek Opticfilm 35mm Scanner review 9 Dec Here you clearly recognize, the manufacturer LaserSoft Imaging has many, many years of experience in the field of scanning software. It is also compatible with Hamricks VueScan, however the scanner itself does not support multi-pass scanning. The large button on top allegedly sets the reflrcta scanning, however this may require a software setup, as it did nothing for me.

Reflecta proscan 7200 the latest photography news straight reflecta proscan 7200 your inbox by refledta up to our newsletter. The design of the scanner unit itself is very basic, but in a welcome fashion.


Reflecta proscan 7200 not, you can get a free replacement unit by reflecta. Very high resolution scans Effective dust removal Robust slide and film holders Software supports multiple file formats 7020 compensation adjustment.

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Reflecta ProScan 7200 Film Scanner Review

Scanning times are slow, and batch scans are not an option. SilverFast Ai Studio delivers better digital images just by the fact, that its raw data processing is much better.

Considering the low acquisition costs, the price performance ratio is convincing. Based on the serial number of your device the reflecta customer service can tell you, whether it is suitable reflecta proscan 7200 operation under Mac OS X. ProScan The ProScanthe current reflecta slide and film scanner was so far only supported on Microsoft Windows.

The ProScanthe current reflecta slide and film scanner reflecta proscan 7200 so far only supported on Microsoft Windows.

I could not recommend it if you are just starting to catalogue your collection of negatives and slides, due to the labour intensive requirement of dealing reflecta proscan 7200 images individually.