This was simply a wire cut at an angle to produce a pointy tip. However, running the primary at higher voltages produces bigger sparks! These have a bit precision out of 5. From the equation of Inductance of an air-core coil as above, we see that increasing the turns increases L to the square, and increasing the diameter of the coil also increases the inductance by the square since area increases by the square of linear dimension. A few more things to note here – I used some relatively thick plastic sheet as a safely insulation liner between the bottom of the PCB and the metal case. Finally, note that the 30N60s have a pulsed current rating of A which is great – we will be approaching or even exceeding these pulsed ratings in DRSSTC mode!

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Keep your bus capacitor as close to the transistors as possible, and make sure that the transistors are mounted on a heat-sink.

The bottom of circuit board looks a bit messy, but it works well. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Sparks to the grouns are about 40cm solid state tesla coil streamers 35cm. A typical DRSSTC running around 1kw of input power might generate around 6kv and amps, peak, within the tank circuit. Resonance frequency of the secondary should therefore fit into this range.

To make up for this, I added two headers for which I would be able to connect two solid state tesla coil. I have omitted them in my design for this coil. This voltage can also be obtained directly from mains via high power resistor. The current also increases up to several hundred to thousands Amperes. With the new primary coil, everything looks a bit tidier and spark length is now officially just hovering around 9 inches! A Tesla Coil is an air-cored resonant transformer capable of generating extremely high voltages.


During the operation it produces ozone O3 and other toxic gases, must be ventilated! Solid state tesla coil values begin at around uF.

Line voltage or VAC depending where you live is rectified and stored in a large sfate capacitor several hundred to thousands of uFand the inverter works to create an AC square wave across the primary. It came in a nice black box with an IEC power input jack, solid state tesla coil connections and solid state tesla coil nice big fan all integrated. Number of turns inductance is only part of the resonant solution of the secondary circuit.

I also spent some time on the lathe sanding it to remove some marks left over from the stamping process. Another method is obtaining feedback using a small current-transformer on the secondary coil.

DIY Solid State Tesla Coil

The transistor switches OFF, solid state tesla coil current in the primary coil stops, you get another voltage peak in the secondary coil in reverse direction, the transistor switches ON and so on Misusing the term troll here, solid state tesla coil not.

I have always preferred the later method as no tuning is required. This makes sense because above a certain threshold of voltage in my primary, the current will be large enough to produce significant interference in my ground wire.

Feel free to edit it to suit your needs!

Solid State Tesla Coils

Electromagnetic coill can damage electronic devices or storage media. Especially for half bridges, any DC imbalance can also add a DC bias current without the capacitor.

Thanks for visiting my page and if you have solid state tesla coil questions, wish to share your projects, or feel that my projects have inspired you in one way or another, feel free to email me at loneoceans[at]gmail dot com.


It is prudent not the test the coil at full power first, so I ran the coil off a DC power supply. Driving the gates of these transistors requires a powerful gate driver telsa can supply statee hefty current.

I designed and laser-cut some acrylic holders for the primary coil so solid state tesla coil formed a structure about 4.

SSTC III. – Solid State Tesla Coil with 50Hz / 100Hz / DC operation

Removing one turn would also probably help. The ccoil supply as it is named, supplies the power to the input of the inverter. As before, I soljd by winding 10 turns of wire as the primary coil around teslq solid state tesla coil of the secondary note the PVC sheet in-between as insulationand connected my bridge to a VDC power supply.

Care must be taken when making your own GDT. As mentioned, the secondary circuit is a coil of wire, one end of which is grounded, and the other end is connected to some kind of topload metallic volume at the top of the tube.

This puts the coil out-of-tune. This circuit handles the big currents, and also consists of our rectification system from mains to a big capacitoras well as a set of large power solid state tesla coil.